: service traction control... now exhaust sounds diff

05-29-12, 11:03 AM
So last night on the way to work i was driving down a back road going about 45. I slowed slightly to go into a corner and coming outta the corner the car stuttered a little when accelerating. The service traction control message came on as I came to a stop sign. Leaving the stop sign the light went off but I noticed that the exhaust sounded different. My exhaust ussualy has a deep rumble to it but now it is much higher pitched, not ricer but deffinatly different. It almost sounds like an exhaust or intake leak but it is no louder than before. Also the butt dyno says the car feels a little faster now. Anyone have any ideas.

By the way the mods are.

-American racing header, cats and mid pipe, stock muffs (on when I bought the car)
-hennessey intake (on when I bought the car)
-metco 2.50 upper (done about 3 weeks ago)
-dyno tune by Ed Hutchings (done about 3 weeks ago)

Ed did say that when he tuned that I was out of injector but AFR's were between 11 and 12.

I think maybe I blew a cat but they are aftermarket so I assumed they were good enough to handle the extra flow from the pulley.

Any help is appreciated

05-30-12, 09:43 AM
After driving for a bit today i went to the rear of the car and the right exhaust tip was way hotter than the left. I dont have a lazer temp gauge but I could easily grab the left tip and hold on to it forever but the right tip would definatly start to hurt.

Any ideas.