: stereo and all sound shuts off

05-29-12, 06:18 AM
What is it with this car?

First the couple of trips to the dealer for the rockin chair seats that cost 3+ thousand dollars that they couldnt even attach to the friggin
car properly.

Then a couple visits for a control arm left the control arm right.

Then another few visits mixed in there for cleaning the clicking sound away lol

Now, i have all sound, stereo, turn signals, and a message in the dash "parking sensors off". Course this only happens once in a long enough while for the shop to scratch their head for a few days or a week or more.

The cracks from the dash, the flexing, the sunroof that rattles when the window is down. Tap your arm rest, sounds like knocking on a plastic cup. I mean wtf? Hardly a bargain anymore at 72k plus tax. And then i see commercials sounding off "Cadillac, the new standard of the
world" lol what? Foot meet mouth.:suspense::suspense:

The car has 5500 miles on it and hasnt even had its first oil change, yikes. I like to give all my cars a shot but the one year anniversary is coming up in Sept....

The car is sort of like this message board. Very funky... and no, Im not going to upgrade to "premium membership" so the pages load better:suspense::suspense:

Cadillac Cust Svc
05-29-12, 12:18 PM
I'm extremely sorry to hear you've been having these frustrations with your V, tokyoricebaby. I can document this important feedback for you where many GM departments can access it, and I'm happy to investigate any current concerns further for you. Please email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com and I can explore the options available to you. Is your dealership still assessing your stereo concerns?


Cadillac Customer Service