View Full Version : Looking for cheap winter wheels

05-28-12, 09:37 PM
Hey everyone,

When I purchased my CTS-V, the previous owner also threw in brand new OEM size Blizzak winter tires for less then 1/3 off the sticker price. I know its early thinking about winter, but what are my options as far as aftermarket wheels go? I'm looking for something really cheap. I don't want to use the oem polished wheels in winter, and prefer to get a second set of wheels for the winter.


05-28-12, 09:57 PM
Do an Advanced Search, Single Content, 2009+ CTS-V, and winter wheels, and you'll get more info than you wanted!!!!!!

05-29-12, 12:07 AM
TSWs can be had in 18" for under $1000 a set...

06-07-12, 05:36 PM
So I did some searching. Even went to my garage an verify sizes. Turns out they are all 255/40-19. I don't see too much 19x9 in a higher offset wheels selection. Is there another size I should look into?

Shouls I look into 19x8.5 all the way around or keep searching for 19x9? What offsets? I really hate buying wheels :(

06-07-12, 08:02 PM
You could always go with some C6 Spyder replicas in 18". I have a set for drag radials. You also would likely have more choices in tires.