: Northeast Pa.

05-28-12, 02:53 PM
Come on people! I see so many crests and wreaths around here, doesn't anyone want to get together to celebrate our Cadillac-ism? I can't seem to find anything here. I'm detailed and ready to rock!

06-25-12, 01:37 PM
i'm down

V for victory
09-16-12, 10:16 AM
Im in ! where are you !

07-06-13, 02:37 AM
I am in Fredonia NY which is very close to the North East PA border. The town called Northeast PA, in fact. Where are you all situated?

08-19-13, 09:43 PM
Northeast Pa includes Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, Stroudsburg, Milford, Tunkhannock to mention a few towns.

I'm in for a get together. 2013 CTS Coupe Premium.

08-20-13, 03:26 AM
I would be interested as well. Im in Quakertown.

08-21-13, 10:54 AM
I'm down I live in Bethlehem


There's a car meet friday at the route 33 park and ride in bethlehem. All cars are welcome to come, I know 33 is a straight shot from scranton area, and I think it would be cool if we get more cadillacs there. I'm usually the only cadillac

11-06-13, 10:36 AM
Did anyone here ever set anything up? I am quakertown also and would be interested in joining some of you guys. I'm always the sole Cadillac wherever I go around here