: Hide-away License Plate

05-27-12, 10:53 PM
I recently bought a hide-away license plate, as I'm not interested in getting a "no front license plate" ticket any time soon (already gotten lucky for 3 years. As I hate the look of the front plate, I decided to give the show-n-go plate holder a try. With the push of a remote, your license plate goes under the car, with the push of the other button it will reappear. Love it!

The concept is self-explanatory, and so is the install. I just wanted to show you guys how I situated everything, as it might help the next guy doing this. Naturally, I cleaned the wiring up nicely with shrouds and zip ties, it just got dark so I couldn't take good pictures. I also cut a slit into the undercover of the engine to allow it to slide over the piece. An exacto blade makes the rubber piece easy to cut; a dremel cut-off wheel makes cutting a piece out of the bumper a breeze. In the bumper picture you can also see the bolt hole in the front fan shroud that I i used as the third bolt's mounting point, with help of a perforated metal strip that came with the kit. Cheers

Video of finished product