: 2002 devillle aftermarket alarm?

05-25-12, 10:42 PM
is installing a aftermarket alarm keyless entry system pretty basic and easy for 2002 deville base model? anything i need to know before i install one like relays i might need to install or tricks? how about any issues that came up down the road after installing the alarm keyless entry? i dont plan to do auto start cause from what i have heard its a big problem. the reason i decided to install an alarm is cause my keyless remote stopped working. the remote off ebay is $30 plus dealer fee to program $54 so i figure why not install an aftermarket keyless with alarm as well for about the same price myself. thanks.

05-27-12, 08:53 AM
It is not simple and straightforward. In the long run it would be cheaper and more reliable to replace the fob and have the dealer program it for your car's VIN.

For starters, the original stereo HU is part of the car's serial data bus and TheftLock system - you have to get into those wiring harnesses to install aftermarket add-ons. It can be done, but if you'll take time to read several pages of threads in this Forum - on stereo and security install problems - you may just elect to stay stock.

Your call.

05-27-12, 09:49 AM
I would recommend you to fix the original keyless entry designed to work in your car, forget about the aftermarket crap.