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05-25-12, 09:33 PM
I've gone through three sets of V-LED 5202 LED bulbs and each pair keeps burning out like a month later or starts to malfunction,
has anyone used a different brand and are happy with it? these ones looked great, while they lasted of course... :annoyed: or has anyone retro-fitted a set of HID's for their DRL's?! im trying to make all my lights the same color (4500k white)

05-25-12, 10:16 PM
DONT! Put HIDs! I installed a HID kit for the DRLs a couple of months ago ( not knowing they made LED DRL bulbs without the hassling of the wiring etc ) and after a month of having them I walked out to my car one morning and my headlight was complete black! I took everything apart and come to find out the bulb got too hot and exploded! I had to get a new headlight ( which costed me $400.00 used! ) I ended up finding and installing the LED DRLs and good luck with them so far. But if I were you don't waste your time with a HID kit because your asking for trouble......

Eric Hagan
05-25-12, 10:18 PM
I converted my truck two years ago and I'm still on all of the original LEDs I installed. Strange

You can try super bright. I have vleds 5202 but my 194 bulbs I got from superbrightleds.com. Not sure if they offer a 5202 though.

05-26-12, 01:09 AM
Man, that can get expensive from Vled. I just look for something half decent on ebay ...from china...us sellers want way too much for the same bulb (yes, I know vled is supposed to be better). I order like 10 pairs (still costs less than 1 pair from vled) and change them if the burn out. I actually have faired pretty well...have only changed 2-3 bulbs (I have changed all my bulbs over) since I did it in Oct of last year. I had one crappy batch of 194s but otherwise they have been good.

05-26-12, 08:59 AM
I did have issues with my first set of 5k drls from v-leds. They slowly burned out. V-leds sent replacements and haven't had an issue. Same deal with the parking bulbs but v-leds stepped up again.

05-26-12, 09:30 AM
As said some of the early vleds were not that great, but the last few years we/I have installed dozens without an issue, have them in every car/truck I own.

05-28-12, 11:58 AM
I have the 194 SMD-LED's from eBay and they are working fine. I installed a DDMtuning.com HID kit in my fog lights and one just burnt out :( I barely use them too..

06-02-12, 08:45 AM
Are the vleds DRL brighter than stock? What part number are they? 5201 or 194? How about the fogs? Do they have a brighter than stock LED? Part number? Thanks?