: Barter for my FG2s???

05-25-12, 08:22 PM
I just installed my KWv3 coilovers and have a near-new set of FG2s, front and back. Instead of just selling them, I thought I'd see if anyone with experience doing one of two things would like to barter (maybe barter+cash) for the FG2s for installation of either:

New clutch, flywheel, slave and main seal
New headers & high flow cats to my Magnaflow catback (+tune, ideally)

I'd supply the parts. I'm in Essex County New Jersey (North), so anyone with experience in the NYC/NJ/CT/East PA area might be good. I have good tools but zero room to work - you'd laugh at the space I work in - so it'd probably be best if I drove to you and spent a day working.

PM me if you're interested or *L* tell me if you think I'm stupid for thinking this is a good idea

05-25-12, 09:08 PM
i'm in western PA, but I'd certainly help you out with all of the above if you drove out, except for the tune, which I do not have the knowledge, nor HPTuners.


btw, i'm not really offering "for the shocks", just not hard jobs, and I like helping out V brothers.

05-28-12, 04:32 AM
Interested if you're selling the FG2's outright.

05-28-12, 12:15 PM
I would be interested in doing the clutch work if we were on the same coast

05-28-12, 02:23 PM
I would do this in a heartbeat if you where closer. Clutch for you, shocks for me :D

05-28-12, 03:32 PM
I'm on long island and have a garage with most tools we'd need, Just did my ls7 clutch/flywheel/slave and pilot bearing in my garage, we can also install your headers too as long as nothing has to be welded