: Performance upgrades for Non DI

05-25-12, 10:16 AM
So I have a few 08-09 CTS in mind. After talking with a car buddy of mine, he's telling me top speed there is not much difference in the two models. Also telling me the trade in on them is not much different either in the grand scheme of things. The question I have is has anyone successful upgraded the engine on the non di model to get more low end power. What possibilities are there for the non direct injections?

05-29-12, 12:30 AM
Airaid part number 251-252 fits nicely on my 08 non DI. A little more throttle response at lower speed, sounds very good with a nice growl. Not real loud, but you will like the sound. I went with the dry filter because I did not want oil sucked into my maf sensor, as it did when I had a K&N filter. Like to have never got that thing cleaned properly. I believe I over oiled it on the first cleaning. What I really like about the Airaid is the 3 mpg increase in fuel mileage I received. I am well pleased with the Airaid, a well built unit.