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05-25-12, 10:10 AM
I'm picking between a couple of 2006 and 2007 CTS-Vs I found on here, and I've got a few questions about iPod integration (and phone, too, I guess):

So I searched the forum, and this (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/90147-official-gm-ipod-kit-cts-v.html) thread that references a GM/Apple kit from iConnect. But they seem to be NLA.

Other threads reference the USA-Spec Vette15, and that seems fine (though a pain to install, it looks like), but I can't tell from the threads or the manufacturer's web site if it retains the satellite radio functionality, and if so, does it still work okay? I.e., can I switch from iPod to XM without a hassle, and all the XM-specific buttons in the car work like they're supposed to?

Or if there's an even better solution, can anyone fill me in? I just want to get the iPod playing in the car, and I'd like it to be as integrated as possible.

As far as Bluetooth, the consensus seems to be the Galaxy1000, but that doesn't seem to integrate as well (the steering wheel buttons don't work, no caller i.d. on the nav screen, etc.) or keep the OnStar and get a new phone number through Verizon for the car itself. I don't know much about OnStar except that it seems to be cumbersome when I get a rental car with it activated, so I don't mind at all getting rid of it. But if OnStar integrates better (I can use the buttons in the car for the phone, the call detail will show up on the nav screen), I'm not adverse to getting a new line for the car and using a Google voice main number, routing calls first to the car, then to the handset (when the car's off), if that'll make the phone functionality work like it 'should'.

Can anyone fill me in?

Thanks in advance.

05-25-12, 11:52 AM
I can only respond with my experience with the USA-Spec Vette15. First, if you decide to go with this option, only purchase it from an authorized dealer or you have no warranty recourse or tech support from the manufacturer.

Second, installation is not a slam-dunk but if you take your time it is not too difficult. Removing the C-pillar trim and the rear deck cover take some patience (double-side tape is your friend for re-installing the screw and be careful not to break the tabs on the Airbag button. I slid a small flat blade screwdriver in from the side to compress one of the tabs and carefully pry it out at the same time). I was able to remove the deck cover without removing the entire backseat but that is dependent on how easy the deck's plastic fasteners release behind the seat. The other challenge was getting the cord fished under the carpet to the console.

Third, product consistency is an issue. Some, like me, had to make some wiring adjustments to the unit to remove unwanted background noise. I also had issues with the unit working intermittently. After installing and uninstalling it numerous times to troubleshoot and fix it I finally just returned it. Had I purchased it from a dealer I could have exchanged it for a new one. But after reading other posts about similar issues I decided to wait and see if something else comes along. To be fair, others have used this device without issue.

A few other things I noticed: It takes up your XM1 band completely, which is not a big deal unless you have more than six favorite XM channels (which I do). The sound level is lower than the other bands. The navigation is clunky and not user friendly.

Good luck!

05-25-12, 09:54 PM
I have the Parrot Mki9200 kit in my car. It handles your bluetooth and integrates an ipod connector plus usb port, micro sd port and universal connector. Also allows for streaming bluetooth audio. The kit on Amazon is really well priced, but installation is best done by a certified installer. I mounted the extra display screen in my ash tray on the dash.