View Full Version : Need help adding Aftermarket Amps, door speakers and sub.

05-24-12, 02:54 PM
I just recently bought a 2007 escalade esv with navigation.

I want to upgrade my stereo but keep the stock navigation headunit.

New items are:
Infinity Kappa tweeters in a pillars
Infinity Kappa 6.5 in front door
Infinity Kappa 6.75 in rear door
Infinity Kappa in D pillars
JL 300/4 to run all of this

Sub is a JL13tw5
JL 500/1 to run it.

I have ran all of the cables but am now wondering if there is a easier solution to hookup the headunit to the amp. I have found some info on wires to connect to to get the sound but is there a PAC adapter or such to get line outs that plugs directly into the harnesses.