: Test drive for noises/rocking: How long/how spirited to notice?

05-24-12, 03:00 AM
I'm looking at buying a used MT Vagon in about a month. Hopefully with sunroof and Recaros. I've read a lot on this forum about the sunroof noises and rocking Recaros that some have experienced, plus the wheel clicking, supecharger rattle and rear diff whine. Are these things I'd be able to notice on a typical test drive? I assume yes for the wheel clicking since that comes at low speed turns and the supercharger rattle since that is from idle, but what about the others (rocking Recaros, sunroof squeaks, diff whine)? Noticeable during regular driving or only under 'spirited' driving that I might not be able to do on a test drive?

Thanks for any advice on this and any other tips for what to look for on a test drive.:thumbsup: