View Full Version : My navi has lost her mind....meet help

05-24-12, 02:13 AM
Well it started about a year ago. I noticed that sometimes my navi would go from miles to kilometers when giving directions. It started out as ones a month, then twice per
month to about a month ago started switching every other time I use the nav. I Travell for work so i use my navigation dozens of times per day. As of a few days ago my
navi developed yet another problem. Now it's about .25 mile ahead of the car itself. For example, when it shows that I'm crossing an intersection im really about .25 miles back. Gets very annoying as it thinks I miss all the turns and starts to re calculate the directions and gets all confused. Lol

Has anyone experienced anything like this? My car is now out of warranty so I have to solve this issue myself.

Nice Ride
05-24-12, 08:50 AM
Have you added any aftermarket products to the truck like GM lock pic etc...?

Cadillac Cust Svc
05-24-12, 01:22 PM
Sorry to hear about your frustrations, 2007slade. I can appreciate your hesitation to go to the dealership, and let me know if you ever want to know the exact parameters of any remaining additional warranties that may still be on your Cadillac. I'm also happy to do what I can to research Navigation frustrations, so please feel free to PM me anytime with your name and VIN.


Cadillac Customer Service

05-26-12, 04:16 AM
Yes gmx550 but this problem started long after I installed the unit. I've also removed it to test and see if this was the case and nothing changed. Still same problems.

Nice Ride
05-26-12, 07:27 PM
Try disconnecting the battery for 5 min. Sounds like a bad antenna, poor antenna connection.