View Full Version : update on vararam and other accesories

05-24-12, 01:38 AM
Just wanted to let you guys know the vararam does not fit due to the maf being different. Was looking for a week or two in regards to changing the maf sensor or plug but decided to just purchase a volant instead and sell the other. Currently waiting from steve from Mace for a 12mm IM spacer and a 12mm plenum spacer which should be here the next couple days i hope coming from AU that is.

Next step is purchasing a ported throttle body and intake manifold. Also looking for a direct bolt on header... didnt wanna deal with welding, but havent researched enough regarding who makes them. Does anyone know if any companies that make them?

Still very new at this soo bear with me while i try to make all this work hopefully since most of the stuff im purchasing is from a camaro llt. wish me luck

05-24-12, 02:45 PM
good luck! Let me know if you find any headers.

05-29-12, 01:48 AM
hi again just wanted to update... here was the vararam i purchased and couldn't make it work, soo i ended up selling it and purchased the volant which is now installed. I am really enjoying my new intake! Pretty much automatically i noticed better throttle response which is a big plus for me. Haven't really stepped on it as i'm just as i let the computer readjust for the next 100 miles or soo, but i am very very satisfied!

I would however like to announce this intake is a MAJOR pain to install. The most frustrating part is the ram air tube that is inserted behind the grills. Like others have mentioned there is a rubber sheet that you have to cut on the side to pass the tube through, but that was just the start. I then noticed it still didn't wedge through due to the tabs on the front grills and bumper inside. That resulted in pulling out my dremmel to cut it off. After trying some more, i still wasn't able to pass the ram tube inside this small area, and finally resulted in drilling out the rivets on the top right grill so i would be able to pry the bumper and grill back.

All said and done, it looks fantastic and practically factory looking while knowing everything is properly installed.

Still waiting on my two insulaters from mace:bonkers:... and currently on the waiting list now for my ported manifold