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05-23-12, 04:02 PM
Anyone use these ? Like them ?

05-23-12, 07:25 PM
Yep. They are a good product. Useful for loading lowered V's onto trailers for track duty. Useful for changing a trailer tire, useful for getting a jack under the car. I could go on. . .

V Wagon
05-23-12, 11:02 PM
I bought a jack at Costco that just fits under the car. I suppose the race ramps would be good for those other things. But the jack Costco had is pretty nice and fits under the car without putting the car on anything first.

05-24-12, 10:05 AM
what jack? do you have a link? Thanks

05-24-12, 10:49 AM
I have a small jack that I use mainly for the track and in the garage when I have to. I'd love to have a jack that could get under the front crossmember without driving it on planks first...

05-24-12, 11:44 AM
There is a lot of good info in the other threads:

V Wagon
05-24-12, 01:50 PM

Alcon XL-35R is the Costco jack. It was like $105. There are two cross braces on the front cross member and it reaches the back one without blocks or anything. It also reaches the unibody rail from the side, which my Craftsman couldn't do without hitting the handle on the side skirt.

The XL-35 that is black in color is available from Northern Tools for like $160. The Costco one is a pretty sweet deal and made way more sense to buy than race ramps to me.

05-24-12, 07:37 PM
Love my race ramps but I put a lot of slammed cars on trailers.

05-25-12, 11:14 AM
Are those ramps still stupid expensive? No thanks.