View Full Version : '00 Deville sat for year. Coolant, Battery, Misfire, Brake fluid problems HELP

05-22-12, 12:57 PM
2000 Cadillac Deville 126k
Last year I discovered i had leaking coolant after I bought it. I used bars leak head gasket fix, and it temporarily healed the problem for a month. Problem arose, I went back to school, planing to work on it later. It was spitting out white smoke from exhaust.(coolant i assume)
So, this summer I want to get it running. Jumped it last week, started up, after pouring a K&W Fiberlock bottle in the radiator hose on top and topping off the coolant level. Let it run 15mins to warm up tried to move it, pumped brakes and pedal went to floor. Ran it for 45 mins. It wasn't giving me hardly any power and jumped to full power once or twice, i think there is a misfire. Brake fluid container is empty, so i filled it up next day. Tried to start it next day, wont even click, lights in car were on though.

-So I think Ill replace the battery
-see where brake fluid settles
-Look into the plugs

Advice? i understand that letting it sit for a year was a bad idea. The misfire thing is perhaps the one I am considerably scared of. I'm aware of the common head gasket problems, that bolts pull and fixing/replacing is practically totaling the car.

05-22-12, 02:31 PM

Unless you plan on doing a proper HG repair (drop the drivetrain, pull the heads, drill and retap the bolt holes and insert or stud it), don't put a dime into it. The repair in a bottle will not hold. If you do repair it properly, then based on the brake fluid reservoir being empty, find and repair the leak and then bleed the system (you probably pumped air into the system). Battery sounds like it needs to be replaced.