: pressurize the electronic level control system?

05-22-12, 12:54 AM
How do i go about grounding the compressor test lead before lowering my 93 deville after i have installed new struts?

05-22-12, 09:16 AM
Someone please walk me through this like I'm a four year old child. With my new struts installed it says before lowering the car this must be done but doesn't explain how.

05-22-12, 10:00 AM
Turn the Key:ON and wait 8 - 10 seconds. The ELC compressor should come on and preload the shocks - it will run for a couple of seconds or so.

If the compressor does not run for a second or so about 10 seconds after EVERY Key:ON then you have problems with either the height sensors or the compressor assembly itself.

Front struts, rear shocks.

Update your profile to show your car, model, year, mileage - it sure helps to know if we're diagnosing a Cadillac or a John Deere.

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This (Compressor test lead) belongs with your suspension post - away we go !!!

(and again: update your profile with your car, model, year, mileage. It sure helps)

05-22-12, 11:31 PM
93 cadi deville


Rear struts have been installed and compressor just runs but no lift

07-16-12, 04:19 AM
Did you put the nipple cap on the struts

11-06-12, 12:27 PM
garcjs, Your question has been moved to the Seville forums under the new thread titled "1997 SLS - ELC compressor problem. What to check ?"