: A couple questions

05-20-12, 04:33 PM
I have a couple questions about my 2004 CTSV, if it helps it has 73k on it.

A couple weeks ago I was driving at night and avoided a deer smashing my car, but the front end skidded off the road. Ever since then I have had a whine coming from the front right wheel! I was wondering if anyone knew what the cause of that could be? Wheel bearing possibly? And my second question is when I was driving the car last week my oil temperature light came on that it was getting too hot, what would cause my oil temperature to spike, and what should the oil temperature be at? I had been driving the car for about an hour and it was 86 degrees out.

Any help would be great!


05-20-12, 04:42 PM
Some questions back at ya:

Does the whine from the right front wheel change in proportion to speed? Does going over bumps change it at all?

Is your oil level where it should be?

05-20-12, 06:02 PM
Ya it does change In por portion to speed. There is no noise at idle, and it's the loudest on the free way! Oil level is good too.

05-20-12, 09:28 PM
First of all, I'd pop that tire/wheel off and look it over real well for wear/rubbing marks. Maybe before you took it off, jack it up and rotate it by hand to see if you can replicate the noise. Go from there.

Not sure what's up with your oil temp. Maybe someone else here has something more than just a bump to offer you on that one.

05-20-12, 10:12 PM
Look in the sticky section there is a thread called high oil temps/alarms? here is a fix for it. I used to have that problem and this fixed it.

05-21-12, 11:34 AM
sounds like you could have messed up the wheel bearing. Easy fix