: 2005 STS won't start

05-20-12, 11:06 AM
I let my 2005 STS sit without being started for over a month while being on mission. I went to start it yesterday and it wouldn't. Has anyone else ever had this problem?

05-20-12, 11:22 AM
Should always put on a trickle charger when leaving for a week or more. These cars drain batteries if left undriven for a while.

05-20-12, 11:48 AM
Thanks KRSTS....so do I need to let it sit on a charger for a while or replace the battery?

05-20-12, 01:04 PM
Depends on how old the battery is. I wouldn't replace it just yet unless it the original Delco or is close to four years old. First fully charge on a charger and then take it to Advance or Firestone and have them load test it. If it doesn't have a bad cell, don't worry about it. If it happens again, replace it. I favor Firestone beacause they carry an Interstate battery that is an exact fit. I wouldn't buy an Delco.

05-20-12, 03:15 PM
Took it to Auto Zone and had it charged.....still won't start. I don't know what to do. When i attempt to statr it i hear a click and then the dash just goes blank. I have never had any problems with my ride.

05-20-12, 04:55 PM
Did they do a load test at Autozone? Even if it tested OK, it still could be the battery. These cars are very particular about the battery. Do the headlights work and are they bright. If so, sound like a possible short in the starting system. I would still rule out the battery first. Good luck.

05-20-12, 05:36 PM
I don't know if they did the load test. Yes the headlights do come on and they r bright.

05-21-12, 02:15 PM
Replaced the battery today....still doing the same thing, so I'm thinking that it's the starter now.

05-22-12, 04:17 AM
Corrosion can be a killer. Clean the battery terminals and cables, check the relay center under the hood to see if there is corrosion on those cables as well. Just a little bit of it caused starting issues with my 02 DTS. Starter isn't cheap or easy on the northstar and I hear they rarely go out since they are so protected due to their location.

05-22-12, 10:08 PM
Isn't the starter in the 'V' between the left and right cylinder banks?

The problem is that corrosion isn't limited to the cable ends that connect to the battery.

05-22-12, 11:13 PM
Correct. It mounts under the intake manifold between the cyl heads.