: Driveshaft failure, unhappy with CCC - appeal?

05-19-12, 10:55 PM
I own a 2004 manual trans cts 3.2l. Under extended CPO warranty, the driveshaft was replaced at 60k miles a couple years ago. I am now outside the warranty and recently discovered that the new replacement driveshaft failed again (with less than 39k miles on it!). I took the issue to CCC, who refused to stand behind the work and offer any financial help with replacement (the dealership says the whole driveshaft has to be replaced AGAIN). I am VERY upset with Cadillac, as this part was either defective or improperly installed for it to fail so prematurely. Is there any place to "appeal" at CCC? My case was moved around to three different representatives and I feel it did not got proper attention. I want to make sure this situation gets a serious review and not some boilerplate denial--I just cannot believe that Cadillac would think this is a "typical" lifespan for one of their (expensive) driveshafts.

05-25-12, 08:21 PM
My suggestion call GM corporate office and talk to them.

Carroll Cadillac
05-29-12, 01:35 AM
I would like to clarify the use of CCC? This has been used widely in short for Carroll Custom Cadillac.
This post is not related to CCC or Carroll Custom Cadillac.
We are not sure what the use o CCC in this post stands for, but it is not for our company.

We have in no way worked on this mans Cadillac, and we do stand behind our warranty's.

05-29-12, 01:55 AM
CCC = Cadillac Customer Care?

05-29-12, 10:31 AM
There is only so much room you can put on a headline -- yes, "CCC" is Cadillac Customer Care. Given that this is the CADILLAC CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVES forum, I just assumed everyone in these forums would make the instant connection. It has nothing to do with this other company.