: Plasti Dip

Thunder Gray STS
05-19-12, 12:36 AM
Just wondering if anyone has used the clear plasti dip as a temporary protector for the front end. I am taking a 4500 mile trip in a couple of weeks in the V and was thinking about spraying the front area of the car with clear. Seems like you could just peel off all of the bug guts.

05-19-12, 03:55 AM
I doubt anybody has used it. Why go through all the work of tapeing off the areas you want to cover, put on 3 or 4 coats of clear Plasti Dip. Once Plasti Dip dries, its not that easy to just peel
off. It would be easier to get a bucket of soap and water, long handle brush, and just wash it off. Fifteen minutes vs several hours. My 2cents. Cecil..................

05-19-12, 02:59 PM
There are products that are specificly designed to be a temporary coating for trips like that.

Duplicolor makes a spray-on product that is supposed to protect it from rock chips/bugs, and I bet that armorall wax stuff would work well for bugs too.

Thunder Gray STS
05-19-12, 05:06 PM
I'll check those out, thanks!

Captain McFunk
05-20-12, 05:02 PM
Plastidip peels off very easily if you put on enough coats.

05-25-12, 12:11 PM

This is what I did when I picked mine up.

Thunder Gray STS
05-25-12, 07:04 PM
I did look over other options and decided to order a can of clear. 3 coats should do it I think.

07-20-12, 03:46 PM
How did it turn out, did it offer much protection?

Thunder Gray STS
07-20-12, 05:15 PM
How did it turn out, did it offer much protection?

Turned out well. The only problem I had was I didn't get it thick enough in a couple of places, and that appears to be the key. The places that were thick enough just peeled right off, bugs and all. The places that were thin was a little more time consuming. I had to get it off with rubbing alcohol, which wasn't a big deal. As far as the protection went, it was great. There isn't a blemish on the front of the car and I went through a hail storm just outside of Amarillo. I only used 1 can of clear, I highly recommend 2 cans to make sure you get it thick enough. Like I said earlier, I wasn't real neat with the tape job, so putting it on took about an hour, including taping. Taking it off took about an hour, including the rubbing alcohol, if I didn't have to do the rubbing alcohol taking it off would have been 15 minutes tops.

I just hate scrubbing the crap out of the front of the car after a long trip, even with a good coat of wax it's still a pain.

07-20-12, 11:51 PM
Turned out well. The only problem I had was I didn't get it thick enough in a couple of places, and that appears to be the key.

Exactly right. I did my window trim and side vents with Plasti Dip (doing the front grills, trim and trunk trim this weekend). I prefer the matte black look to the chrome. The key for easy removal is putting at least 4-6 coats on. I messed up one of my lower trim pieces and needed to peel it off. With only 3 coats on it came off in small pieces and I had to work to get it off. I had to re shoot a vent and after 6 coats, it peeled off in one piece. I would think for a long road trip you'd want more like 6-8 coats to really build it up.

I would agree that it seems like a lot of work for one trip. I wanted to permanently change mine, so the effort was worth it. There are easier solutions for a single road trip which I'm betting you would agree with now.

07-23-12, 01:48 PM
Plastidip does peel off easy as long as you put enough coats on it. I concur.