: 2007 STS Harsh ride, struts, air shocks

05-16-12, 03:32 PM
I have an 2007 STS with the 1SG pkg v-8*. The ride has deteriorated and it feels like no suspension at all. Yeah it's OK on a nice road but that's about it. Car sat for 4 months in heated garage djuring winter, could something have froze up? BTW it has the Magnetic Ride Control. I'm going to take it to the dealer in a few days to see what they say.

05-16-12, 05:14 PM
How many miles?

05-16-12, 09:11 PM
The ride changed dramatically?

Did you get the car serviced? Some Bozo might have over-filled the tires.

Angus Young
05-17-12, 11:43 AM
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I need to replace mine as well, Does anyone know if you disconnect the origional MRC strut that a warning will display on the dash

05-17-12, 12:03 PM
Did somebody change the MRC ride setting in personalization settings?

05-17-12, 07:23 PM
Disconnecting the struts will set an error code and disable the remote-start, probably more.

05-17-12, 10:43 PM
The car has 46k miles, no error codes or dic messages. Original Micheln tires(swap out in winter for Blizzacs). I check air pressure all the time. Factory setting is 29lb.

05-18-12, 08:53 PM
OEM Michelins are the issue, in my opinion. 5 year old tires are old.

05-23-12, 11:00 AM
You're in for some $$BIG money$$ if struts need to be replaced but I can't possibly believe that at that mileage...It has to be something else, no way those struts wore out that quickly...

05-23-12, 04:22 PM
You're in for some $$BIG money$$ if struts need to be replaced but I can't possibly believe that at that mileage...It has to be something else, no way those struts wore out that quickly...

I replace one front shock (under warranty) at about 46K miles. I have 65 now and it rides like a sporty Cadillac - firm, but in control.

05-23-12, 04:57 PM
Dad 07 went out at 35k my 05 front pair at 39k. Common issue they leak the fluid out and there's less damping. They function but ride is very hard especially over low speed bumps.

05-23-12, 05:01 PM
Any way to make an easy check to determine of the fluid had leaked out?

05-23-12, 05:10 PM
Dampness around the struts? Or does it make clunk noises going over bumps?

05-23-12, 09:15 PM
IMHO, the owner just realized how firm an STS with MRC & 18" Michelins really is. I have AWD, too.

Buy 4 soft-compound 235/50R18's, run the backs at 28 psi, the fronts at 29 and enjoy the ride.

05-23-12, 09:20 PM
Dampness around the struts? Or does it make clunk noises going over bumps?

Not that I notice and the ride is decent and basically what I expected / looking for. Just was curious about how people can tell. It is significantly stiffer than the F45 suspension that I was used to having. (02 DTS).

05-23-12, 09:28 PM
Yup. And it's firmer than my 2003 STS 1st car to implement the magnetic ride system (started on late 02 build STS and Corvette)

06-22-12, 05:20 PM
Can the suspension be reprogramed like the transmission or engine?

06-23-12, 12:25 PM
Can the suspension be reprogramed like the transmission or engine?

It'd be a first on this forum.

06-23-12, 01:20 PM
in my experience I have yet to see a MRC shock go bad that wasn't leaking - that's about the only problem that can happen with them

and to have all of them go bad at once would be almost as rare as hitting the powerball jackpot

06-23-12, 05:10 PM
I found a pair of replacements, obviously not OEM, but new (likely rebuilt), on eBay for $600/pr.

Painful, but less so.

To check if the magnetic fluid is leaking out, swipe a bit of funk off the strut, and see if it'll stick to a magnet.

Low tech, but should work. Might even be able to do it with a bit of toilet tissue, so you can see if it's actually attracted.

06-23-12, 07:25 PM
Thanks for all your replies, but there is still something wrong. I took the car to the dealer and they said there are no leaks in the suspension(struts) but never took it for a test ride. The front suspension seems so tight even the smallest rise in the road is felt hard. The car was ok before I went south last winter and the car stayed in my heated garage up north(Ohio). My buddy was going over to my house and started the car every two weeks. One time the engine wouldn't crank, dead battery, had the battery charge and everything was ok. He was told to disconnect the battery and leave it disconnected until it was time to start the car. So the battery was disconnected and when I returned home in March I connected the battery so I could drive the car, that's when I noticewd the harsh ride. I checked the tires and they were ok. Does anyone think that disconnecting the battery for a period of time could have affected the computer programed MRC??

06-23-12, 08:05 PM
It sure sounds to me like the tires are pumped up like basketballs.

06-24-12, 12:08 AM
Sounds like you need to take it back to the dealer and have them ride with you so they can determine your problem. Usually a bad shock will give you a very bouncey ride but I'm not sure of the characteristics of the STS suspension when it fails.

06-26-12, 11:40 AM
My STS05 has much harsher ride as well than my previous SLS93. I can switch between touring and performance
suspension settings. On touring setting you can feel all the bumps on the road, i lowered pressure from 32 to 28 on the back and 29 on the front ones and it seems better. But generally, new STSs drive firm I think.

06-27-12, 04:32 PM
Completely different suspension tuned for a completely different purpose...past Seville's were designed for comfort 1st then performance, the STS is all about performance...much firmer ride for a reason.

06-29-12, 11:58 PM
Buyers looking for a compliant ride should not buy MRC-equipped STS; especially not AWD-MRC-equipped 1SG.

Tire choice is important, too. I used to think Michelins were good tires. Based on two STS in my garage, they are like wet, mossy rocks.

02-19-15, 01:43 PM
Hi folks,
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I agree with pjbizjak that the problem is something other than tires, shock/strut wear, or magnetic fluid leaks. I say this because I am experiencing the exact same thing with my 2008 (1SG) STS. I had to take mine to the collision shop after it was rear-ended a few months back. The car rode perfectly both before, and after the accident (before the repair). I just got the vehicle back and it rides worse than a stake truck; very harsh, and pounding over even small road imperfections. I strongly believe that something electronic is the cause of this sudden change of condition affecting multiple struts.

pjbizjak, Did you ever get this resolved? I'm not sure where else to troubleshoot, and am hesitant to spend several thousand dollars without being sure that the issue is, in fact, premature strut failure.