: Tour Stainless Works, hit a car show, see some helicopters & support a great cause

Stainless Works
05-15-12, 01:43 PM
http://i1.createsend1.com/ei/r/81/FC4/FD7/230945/mainphoto_autoav.jpg (http://www.facebook.com/events/379145168793771/)

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Come take a look at the Helicopters and cars. You can even take a tour of the Stainless Works facility.

The more SW equipped cars and trucks we can get out the better!

This is for a great cause guys! hope to see some V's out!

05-16-12, 09:41 PM
This sounds like fun! I'm sure That I will be able to go, since it is not that far from me.

Stainless Works
05-17-12, 08:49 AM
Excellent. It is a really cool show as there are not only neat cars/trucks but a few helicopters to ogle as well!