: Led custom tailights 97 eldo

05-14-12, 10:53 AM
I have been looking forever and connot find custom led tailights for my 97 Eldorado? looking for something similar to the newer models ! Thanks for and Info :)91841

05-14-12, 03:27 PM
It's gonna be DIY - Talk to www.ledfix.com (http://www.ledfix.com) or one of the two (?) members who have literally converted the entire daily driver STS over to LED's. Google something like "cadillac forums led dash panel conversion" or "cadillac forums led tail light conversion".

If that's your Eldo, the rear shocks/ELC system is shot - those wheels have way too much camber. Rapid wear on tires, wheel bearings, suspension parts.

05-14-12, 05:21 PM
Yes it's my Eldo and it rides and drives like new ! when you add all the weight from speakers and customize cars the way i do somethings always gotta give :) Thanks i will look into the forum you mentioned :)


btw the pic makes that wheel look like it's not straight up and down... it is