: LloydMats carpet samples REALLY helped - thank you Auto Pride

05-13-12, 09:52 AM
I've been struggling to order new LloydMats for my 2003 DeVille. I kept looking at color choices online but could not figure it out. I was trying to figure out option codes and taking pics and basically getting nowhere.

So I finally called Auto Pride Concepts (a forum vendor) and spoke to Lloyd for a few minutes. He quickly told me how to solve the problem, which was to begin the online floor mat selection process, then when you get to "Step Two", where you order your color, you see an option that says "Click for more mat color choices" - click that. Then, when that window opens, you will see ANOTHER option which says "Click for all mat color choices" - click that. And finally, you will see a LOT of color choices.

I emailed seven possible choices (# and name) to Lloyd, and he had Lloydmats send me samples of each carpet color. Each sample is about 1" x 2", and (with samples in hand) I quickly settled in on the correct color match. I got the samples in the mail about two days after speaking with Lloyd, which is some dang fast service. :thumbsup:

I gotta say that if you are stuck trying to decide which color floor mat to order, then this process makes the color selection a virtually guarantee of a perfect match!

Hopefully this info will help someone else who is trying to figure out their color.

Thank you Lloyd at Auto Pride Concepts. :)

EDIT: I wanted to add some pics, just to show how difficult (if not impossible) to match the carpet color without samples.

Here's the samples laid on top of my carpet:

And here are the sample numbers:

And finally, here are the seven color numbers (as copied from the LloydMats ordering page):


05-13-12, 10:22 AM
I have ordered 3 full embroidered sets of Lloyd Ultimats for the truck and cars from Lloyd (how 'bout that ?) at Auto Pride. All 3 are perfect.

I wish you could still get the silver Cadillac wreath/crest with a red STS underneath, but that stitching option is gone. The silver wreath/crest and black "Cadillac" script is the only choice for the neutral shale mats now.

I stepped on and broke one of the mat securing clips in the car - plastic, and my fault; Lloyd sent me 4 new ones, free.