: 2008 STS Navigation disk

05-12-12, 07:38 PM
While i was searching for a post on weak trunk lid struts (I didn't find any after looking through hundreds of posts), I did notice a variety of posts regarding the navigation disk upgrades.

A few days ago, I ejected the existing NAV disk to see the date of the disk. Interesting, the disk was a recordable Memorex with "STS WEST" written with marker! Obviously, it is NOT an original GM NAV disk. It seems to work fine, and has most, if not all, current roads and proper intersections. In any case, I contacted GM's NAV disk outfit on line, and they responded to my email inquiry. I told them what I had, and asked them if there was any way to identify the year of the disk.

They said there was no way to identify the disk update year. Interestingly, they did not say, "You have a counterfit disk! You should immediately remove and destroy this disk!" It appears they didn't care if what I had was a counterfit! It bothers me, only because I used to be in the software business, and I fully understand the value of intellectual property. I have licenses for every piece of software I use and would never intentionally use pirated software.

I will be purchasing a genuine GM NAV disk; however, if my firmware is not up to date, does anyone know where or how I can get the latest version?

05-13-12, 08:44 PM
Firmware can only be done by dealer equipment (Tech II) from a CD only sold to dealers.

05-13-12, 09:36 PM
Put the disk in a PC and you will find the name is DW464210-xxxx. The -7510 is the latest (2012) disk. Yours is likely -6970 (West Disk Version 5.00 for 2009). Those discs are common because early cars came with two free upgrades.

I use Verbatim for my backup disk.

05-14-12, 07:44 PM
Thanks for the help. You folks are wonderful! I don't have a "PC"; however, we do have several Macs. I am sure they will do the same to ID the disk. BTW, did you know it is the same outfit who supplies these disks and also supplies the technical service manuals? They are Helm and the disk folks are at navdisk@helm.com and for the shop manuals it is helmcs@helm.com (800.782.4356 opt 3).

05-14-12, 09:30 PM
There are only a few companies supplying map data for all systems. Some talented individuals can assemble map data and create custom disks for many OEM units.

Alas, there are too few STS Nav units (& owners) to make it worthwhile.