: 2008 STS Trunk Struts

05-12-12, 07:22 PM
Another thank you for all the help with my problematic key fob programming. Got it all addressed and a new set of rear shocks complements of the dealer.

My new question regards the trunk. On all previous cars, including the 2003 STS I traded for this 2008, when you pop the trunk, it opens quickly and without fuss. Unfortunately, this 2008 STS does not! When you pop the trunk, either from the remote, the driver's door switch, or with the remote in pocket & press the switch above the license plate, it requires a fair amount of effort to raise the lid.

I think I know the problem; but, before I spend the money to replace the pressurized struts attached to the hinge, I want to make sure my purchase is warranted. If every owner says, "No, you will still have to lift the trunk lid, even with new struts", I won't bother to purchase new struts.

Do I have worn out struts or is this condition SOP?

05-12-12, 07:28 PM
SOP,it will NOT POP open.

05-13-12, 02:33 AM
It does seem like an irritating thing but that is the way it was designed. I would like it if they were stronger though, as if you dont open it all the way it does seem to close itself. Like if you opened it greater than 50% it should be strong enough to open the rest of the way in my opinion.

05-14-12, 02:14 PM
I've received more than a couple bangs on the head from my 2009 and was wondering the same thing. Not like the old Fleetwood where that thing will swing all the way open!

And it had the power pulldown too!!

05-14-12, 07:31 PM
Yes, although I am only into the fourth week with this car, I banged my head twice while loading/unloading stuff to take down to our boat in the marina! I did check and there are different struts used if you have the trunk mounted spoiler, which I do not have. My hunch is these struts are a bit more powerful to compensate for the added weight of the spoiler. They are not all that expensive, so I might just try a set. If I do, I will surly let all of you know the results.

05-14-12, 09:43 PM
I have the OEM spoiler, my wife's car does not. Neither car pops the trunk open but I don't really mind. It's nice if I hit the release by mistake the trunk doesn't open in the rain. They do close and latch easily.

The proximity sensing unlock makes it all worthwhile. I hate fumbling for a key while carrying something. If I have to set my load on the ground, I end up having to clean the trunk carpet soon, anyway.

I do miss the auto-pull-down; even if people always tried to slam it, anyway.