: another gmos-06 question

05-12-12, 12:09 PM
Has anyone ever found a way to fix the bugs in the gmos-06?( besides trashing it!)read and read about the problems (after i got mine!) my volume goes up and down randomly, chimes come and go, sound ok sometime and like crap some time. steering wheel controls dont work. illum dont work. what a shame when i spent good money for it. I am tring to contact metra for help but no answer so far at all from them. i dont mind to go to the pac unit but dont think its rite to lose a 100 dollors (hard earned dollors)for faulty equipment . any way to reprogam or update it? thanks topper

05-16-12, 09:06 AM
I've been using the GMOS-06 since February and don't have any of those problems, did you install it or did you have someone install it for you? Have you checked the illumination connection to confirm that it is connected properly? Did you install the Metra ASWC to regain the steering wheel controls? When did you buy the GMOS-06?