: 76 Seville...will not start!

05-12-12, 10:07 AM
Just purchased a 69K mile Black on Black on Black 76 Seville. Stopped to get gas and now it will not start. The car does have a custom NO CAT dual exhaust system. The battery is strong and has fire to the plugs. Seems to be flooded. Is that possible with fuel injection? Can anyone tell me the old age problems with these cars? Thanks for any help.

06-27-12, 10:05 AM
Coolant temp sensor located next to the upper radiator hose in the intake manifold can fail and go electrically open which will flood a warm engine. The coolant temp sensor and the air temp sensor share the same part number. Sometimes you can swap sensors to confirm a failed sensor. You might try posting this in the Eldo/ Seville section. Someone might have a source for this sensor. This car also had a habit of melting the connector that plugs into the ECU under the dash ash tray. It would loosen the main connection to the fuel pumps. That wont cause it to flood, but it will shut down both fuel pumps!