: Spark Plugs, Interesting observation

11-26-04, 03:10 PM
As most of you recall I had a misfire problem not long ago and the first step was to replace the plugs. You may also recall that at 92K all the platinum tips were gone. Well, my wifes '96 Bonneville 3800 series II (N/A) was running rough and at 112K I figured it was time. The manual calls for 41-601's, but I found platinum tipped 41-921's in there. When I bought the new plugs they (A/C Delco, dealer & parts stores) now call for 41-101 "Iridium" (I don't know what the difference between platinum and iridium is), which is what I bought. Interestingly enough, unlike the Northstar, when I pulled the plugs, all the platinum tips where there. In hind site all I needed to do was clean, regap and reinstall them and I'm sure they would ahve been good for another 100K. They were in such good shape I did, clean, regap and saved them, "just incase". Comments?

One other interesting note. I noticed that the A/C Delco box said "Made in Japan".

11-26-04, 08:45 PM
huh...I dunno...when I got my car, it had supposedly just been serviced by the dealer...new plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter and cleaned throttle body, by the previous owner. He had receipts that were from only a few weeks before I bought the car. I pulled all eight plugs once, and there were three different types in different holes...the right (back) bank was all one part number...I forget what it was...and the front bank had two different part numbers in it...needless to say, I RE-replaced all the parts that were supposedly brand new.