View Full Version : '97 STS coolant temp - what SHOULD it be?

11-26-04, 10:01 AM
We made a 2.5 hour trip yesterday and it was the first trip where I've been able to see the coolant temp. It hovered around 206-212.... but mostly seemed to sit around 210. This seems higher than others I've seen posted which makes me wonder whether it's the right normal operating temperature. (I'm not in a hot climate but it was in the 60's(F) yesterday until late in the day.)

What SHOULD the temp be? My Yukon had a low thermostat value in it when I originally bought it so getting heat out of it was tough. Once I replaced with the right one it was great. I'm wondering if it's possible my STS has a thermostat that's too high. I suppose it's not high enough to be a wrong thermostat but I figured I'd ask to get other's opinions and typical values.


11-26-04, 10:47 AM
The fans are designed to come on @ 223-225 and go off around 219, I think the limp home mode is around 248 but I could be wrong. 210 is not bad, my finace's Jeep wrangler runs a solid 210 all the time whereas my 95 SLS is around 199-205 before I replaced my original sending unit, now it runs 192-198. The theromstat doesn't open till 192, so I'd say your good to go.

11-26-04, 03:02 PM
Your temps are normal. That is exactly where mine runs and has since I bought it. pjs is right about the temps and fans except I think limp home mode is about 260. Relax, your fine.