: RPM vs gas mileage

05-09-12, 11:07 PM
On my last road trip I managed to get 25 mpg out of my car. Overall I'm happy with the mileage and performance of the car. After doing a little research I discovered at 60MPH I'm turning 1500RPM and 1700RPM at 70MPH. So here's the question, if I put a 3.42 under the car, it would increase my RPM from 1700 to approximately 2000. Do you (anyone) think that I might actually be able to maintain my current highway mileage with this gear swap? Normally my response to a question like this would be no, but I wonder if the current RPM is too low for highway cruising. I'm sure its too low when I'm slow rolling at 55MPH. (1350RPM)


May I be moved to the rear wheel drive fleetwood section, I simply wasnt paying attention when I posted. My apologies!!