: I'm selling my 6L80 Tranmission from my 2007 ESV AWD $650 --- San Diego Area

05-09-12, 08:03 PM
This is a complete transmission removed from my 2007 Escalade ESV with torque converter. I just bought my 2007 and the previous owner in LA paid the transmission shop $1550 parts and labor to rebuilt this transmission and torque converter. After I drove the freshly rebuilt transmission 1,000 miles I was not happy with the way it was shifting 2-3 too harsh, sometimes if I stepped on the gas after it was hot it wouldn't shift then threw a p2714 code and p0700 code and if I did this a few times the car would co into fail safe mode.

Anyhow I was in rush to get the car back in tip top shape so I bought a remanufactured unit and installed that.

The 6L80 transmission and the torque converter is contected I'm asking $650 obo for the Core. I'm selling it as-is because I don't know what is wrong with it. The transmission has 150k miles on it and it was rebuilt twice before I bought the car. Fluids are drained and I am in San Diego. IF you can pay for shipping and putting it on a pallet and can arrange the shipping on your dime I'll ship it to you.