: Where to get rear spoiler hardware?

05-09-12, 06:48 PM
I bought a OEM spoiler on ebay for my 2007 CTS-V but it did not come with the nuts or mounting foam that goes between the spoiler and trunk lid.

The nuts I can get from Lowes or Home depot if I have to, but what about the mounting foam?

05-10-12, 10:49 AM
I talked to the dealership. They quoted me $200 for some foam tape and 6 nuts. Are they nuts!!!

05-10-12, 12:10 PM
OEM accessories come with these types of 'hardware' packages ... you did not received a 'broken kit'...

we got a coupe spoiler without the template recently and had to get a whole other kit
luckily we could claim and return the 'defective' spoiler kit that was missing the template


it will be next-to-impossible to get what you are looking for without 'robbing' it out of another kit

05-10-12, 05:32 PM
Thanks man. I will just fabricate something.

05-10-12, 05:34 PM
3M double sided tape

05-10-12, 10:34 PM
I mounted the spoiler tonight. I went to lowes and got nuts and washers and used rubber washers where the spoiler meets the trunk lid. Looks great. I sealed the wholes I drilled with cauking so it won't leak.

Cadillac Cust Svc
05-11-12, 08:55 AM
Sorry to hear about the price frustrations, kciaccio, but I'm glad your spoiler is now looking as you'd hoped.

Enjoy your V this weekend!

Cadillac Customer Service