: Northstar Coolant Hose Kit?

05-09-12, 12:35 AM
Do they make a cooling hose kit for the Northstar? I was out replacing my air filter this evening, and doing a look over of everything, and noticed that I have a small leak at one of the hoses, leaking past the clamp. The car is going on 7 years old, and I will be doing the coolant flush in the next couple of weeks before the summer heat gets here, if they make a kit that replaces them all, it would make it easier than trying to order a dozen hoses individually. I also found one of the screws on the MAF to be loose, so I fixed that as well, hopefully that cures the the sometimes higher idle.



05-10-12, 12:49 AM
i'm assuming a no based on the no responses. I'll have to see about ordering individually.

05-10-12, 06:56 AM
Couldn't you simply walk into a parts store and ask for all the hoses for a 2005 sts northstar?

05-10-12, 06:20 PM
your best bet would probably go to a store and say i need upper and lower and all the little other ones that there might be get them all in pick them up at the same time and have at er!

06-26-12, 10:33 AM
I went to Gates hose and downloaded the PDF of their Automotive Aftermarket Cat, look up my '06 STS, wrote down all the part numbers, ordering all from Amazon