: V6 or V8?

05-08-12, 06:36 PM
considering new STS, my 07 has V8. I've seen some good deals on 2011's they have V6. Any suggestions anyone? I love the V8 power is the v6 powerful enough to where there is hardly any noticeable change? Pros and Cons?

05-08-12, 10:05 PM
15% less torque.

05-08-12, 11:43 PM
I've driven v8's. I own a v6 awd and I love it. I'm not sure I'll ever own another v8. Much of that decision is based on my driving habits. It has less torque, but I'm over it. I suggest you drive both multiple times to come to a decision.

05-09-12, 04:55 AM
I recently traded my '06 STS with V6 for an '11 STS with V6; the '11 has the more powerful direct injection engine (but I was satisfied, even, with the '06's power). My '06 had the 5-speed tranny, again I was satisfied, and now the '11 with the 6-speed, performs even better. These, just some of my observations.

Charles Warren
05-09-12, 05:44 AM
the v8 has that deep melodic symphony :)