: Default driver setting

05-07-12, 11:17 PM
Evening all,

Have gone through all the radio settings I can find, but have yet to find a solution. When I start my car (after not running for at least 5 minutes), the driver profile defaults to "driver 2". Regardless of the actual profile name, it does not default to the number 1 profile.

Anyone come across this and solve it?


Ny's Caddy
05-07-12, 11:23 PM
What remote are you using or what was the last remote that unlocked the car??

05-07-12, 11:33 PM
You know, now that I checked, I am using the 2 remote. I will use the number 1 and see I that solves it.

Thanks for the "no freaking duh" moment Ny...lol

Cadillac Cust Svc
05-08-12, 03:34 PM
Glad you appeared to resolve the concern, sgtdestruction! Please let us know, if you get the chance, whether or not using the number 1 remote made the difference.

Looking forward to your updates,

Cadillac Customer Service