: Any skid plates for our Escalades, specifically the EXT's?

05-07-12, 06:37 PM
My front engine shield, part 22781371, has broken for the second time. The cheap plastic just doesn't hold up to anything, mainly around the bolts. I was trying to find some sort of aluminum skid plate but no such luck. Anyone ever see one or know of any?

05-08-12, 12:18 AM
Take the plastic one to a metal fabricator and have him fab up one in the material of your choice. I did that with my old Audi. It was super low and I kept trashing the plastic aerodynamic undertray so I had an aluminum one fabbed up. Didn't cost that much...under $500.

05-08-12, 10:46 PM
Ya might be able to see what comes on the Z71 Tahoe's and suburbans. I think they have some skid plates but not sure wich ones.