: electrical trouble

11-25-04, 03:40 PM
to check voltage while running, cut the cigarette lighter adapter plug and wire off an old accessory (or buy one at radio shack). Hook up your DVM to it and drive, noting the voltage reading. when the radio fades down, look at the voltmeter. if there is a drop to like below 11 volts, that might be the reason.

My car comes with an on board computer that displays the voltage the voltage does drop to around 12 when this happens also my car has a system which turns off the lights inside the car and anything inside the car that i left on but even when i dont leave anything on it still shuts down all the interior power and doesnt turn on again till I insert the key again. Also my factory alarm would sometimes not work and the antanae would make a rateling noise when i would press the unlock on the alarm do u think maybe i have a short cercuit somewear in the car and if so how could I find it