: 84 fleetwood brougham voltage regulator

84 blacked fleetwood
05-07-12, 12:55 PM
does anyone know if this component is built into the alternator on the 84's 4.1L or if it is something external that can be swapped out on it's on?? thanks for the help, i've been having some power issues over here

05-09-12, 09:09 AM
Its inside the alternator. Most times low output can be corrected by tightening the smog pump belt after loosening the alt. belt 1st. Then once tight, tighten the alt. belt. If the smog pump belt isn't tight, the alternator will slip above idle, eventually causing a weak/ dead battery. If the smog belt has been slipping for awhile, it will be glazed and will need replaced.

06-03-12, 09:36 AM
I presume your issue is fixed? Posting what fixed your car can help someone else!