: Bluetooth / USB Port

05-06-12, 07:28 PM
Is it possible to have Bluetooth and or a USB Port installed in an 07 escalade? If so, what is the price range I should look for?

05-07-12, 11:23 AM
Sure you can.

05-07-12, 11:24 AM

05-07-12, 11:26 AM
Or you can change the VCIM both you can get for under $300

05-07-12, 11:30 AM
I copied this post.

I successfully completed the Bluetooth VCIM install in my 2007 Escalade. Here are some pointers to help anyone out who's thinking about it:

1. I also have a 2009 Silverado with nav and bluetooth, so I took the VCIM out of it to try in my Escalade.... and IT WORKED! The part number is 20783877. With so many different part numbers floating around, people even saying to use one from a CTS, I'm now starting to think ANY of them will work. (And 15106868 was the old non-bluetooth unit that I removed from my Escalade).

2. The VCIM in the Escalade is underneath the stereo, so you have to remove the whole stereo and climate controls, and then you'll see it down in there, laying flat. There's a loop around the rear of it holding it down, and two side hooks. Move the two side hooks outward and lift it up and toward you. For mine, the wires were so tight, I could not see the back to press the tabs and remove the plugs, but I finally found I could turn it sideways and remove the wire plugs.

3. The VCIM in my Silverado in NOT behind the stereo (I took it out for nothing, trying to find the darn thing). Simply remove the lower fascia panel directly underneath the stereo/climate controls and it's SUPER easy to access (not tough to get your hands in there like the Escalade).

4. I hit the Onstar button and it calls them (so, it seems to work fine). It said the system was INACTIVE but I'm sure if I was willing to pay, they'd have that system fully functional one way or another. The OnStar rep that answered thought I was in my Silverado since that info is obviously hard-stored in the VCIM.

5. After it was all installed, I started to sweat a little because it would not pair. I tried everything! When I hit the MUTE button on the steering wheel, it said "no speech detected" so I was thinking oh crap, the mic is not compatible. But here on the forum I found you have to hit the mute button, say UN-STAR (and no, I don't have an accent, LoL), it will reply "onstar ready," then you say "bluetooth," and then "pair." It will say the 4 digit pairing code and also display it on the dash display.

5a. (edited) Also on here, I found that if you're having a problem with the speech recognition (getting the error voice message "no speech detected"), you can hit the button with the phone symbol on the mirror, hit mute (on the steering wheel) TWICE, and it will skip having to say "Un-Star"... you'll be able to say "bluetooth" and proceed with the pairing.

6. Lastly, I read on here that people were putting in new Nav Discs to rectify their problem with not being able to pair. Based on #5, it's a waste of money. However, being that the disc is 5 years old, I called the toll free Nav Disc number, told them my dealer said my (fake) nav problem was traced back to a bad disc, and they said they would send me a new one for $199. I then asked for a supervisor, told them I had also received a postcard offering a new upgrade disc some time back, but I did not take advantage of it at that time because it was working fine, and they FINALLY agreed to send me a new one for FREE :) So, I will update everyone next week if the disc makes the pairing any easier.