: I'm relocating,,,,new complaints section....

05-06-12, 06:20 AM
I had this planned for a long time.

Moderators, from now on, any complaints in the CF about me, send them over to http://www.northstarperformance.com/forums.

This will keep some of the BS off the forums (Not all I'm sure).

I will also be mostly posting in there from now on.

Keep in mind, my forum is in no way intended to be a competitor of this site. I couldn't compete even if I wanted to. It's just a place for my own personal posts, my customers, and the good and bad of my company to be posted.

Complaints, instead of deleting immediately (which everyone is going to think I will), I will try my best to resolve and not delete. But if threads get ugly I won't hesitate to delete or ban a member.

I think I will hire someone as a moderator if traffic gets busy; but I doubt that it will.

The forum is under development still but it's far enough along that comments can now be posted and people can register as members.