: Fontana Auto Club Speedway

05-05-12, 12:47 PM
Anyone else here today? I don't see any V's but maybe you see the fleetwood RV by the registration office? I'll grill up some burgers in a bit--I'll be inside, possibly napping

I have some work to do on the V before tracking it--synchro gears, for one... wheel bearings, tires, suspension would be nice.

And I've been daydreaming about relocating the battery and replacing the sunroof glass with carbon fiber. I'd like to get rid of the stereo amp and cd changer... and replace the motorized seats with recaros or such.

And a nasty cam with exhaust... :-D


05-05-12, 10:42 PM
well I guess not, huh

"turn 9 is an autocross turn. come in hot, and use the brakes to develop the oversteer, then get on the gas and drive out"
"that's... exactly what you do"

05-05-12, 11:23 PM
do you take your RV everywhere?

and where in orange county are living?

05-05-12, 11:52 PM
so far the plan is to take the RV to raves and racetracks...

I have my eye on a Semi/race trailer combo for around $55-60k.

the thing is, I used to work on Semis, among other things, and diesel engines are more my thing than gas. I'm sort of the live-in mechanic, and anything more than a single car trailer on the end of an RV is a little ridiculous

i'm in cerritos. and this is an animal house. lol

one of our girl-friends just showed up in this


"oh... your car is a cadillac?? I thought it was a chevy... something... don't get my face!" (I got her face.)


05-06-12, 12:10 AM
haha, i'll have to cruise up sometime to one of the events you guys go to

05-06-12, 12:39 AM
totally! I'm looking forward to participating with the V-- my roomie drove in a beginner course for $150. it was 2 runs around the speedway with an instructor.

the classes go all the way up to "full pass" which is... flat out racing.

I should've taken pictures of cars. but. i was tired and napping all day hah

we would've brought girls but nobody wanted to wake up that early.. (5:30ish)



05-07-12, 10:27 PM
You don't need girls at that show anyway, just a big ole bag of california mushrooms

05-07-12, 10:47 PM
EDC? not even. aside from nicotine, I'm completely sober. after a certain amount of time, standing around for hours becomes work, and they expect me to pay? not happening.

I'm looking forward to visiting Vegas. I was stationed there 03-06

//or did you mean auto club raceway? is racing on shrooms allowed?

05-07-12, 11:17 PM
//or did you mean auto club raceway? is racing on shrooms allowed?

haha, no...but that's funny. Just trying to keep your thread alive.

That is a bomb ass RV. Is it yours?

05-08-12, 05:50 AM
thanks~! it's also the roomie's.