: 98 deville please help northstar lover with 3 problems

11-25-04, 04:56 AM
Hey I am astonished to see how much some of the people here know about cars im very impressed with your knol;edge of cars and the fact that this site is even free.wow...well i have a couple questions when my car is running for a long period of time in traffic with the A/C on my after market radio lowers like if it doesnt have enough power I already changed the alternator and the battery although the battery i put was of a cheap brand it was the best heavy duty one i could get.......second my traction control light used to come on once in a while but now its permenently on my cars feels slugish upon take off wjen i first got the car and the traction control was working the car would peel out it doesnt anymore.....third my rear air suspension is not working I took out the compressor is there anyway to test the compressor and if i test it and it works what else can i do to find the problem....im only 22 and have never taken any classes on mechanics but i have learned threw experience and failures how to work on my car and with the help of many mechanics threw the years have learned how to change almost every part in a car besides the big stuff like overhauling an engine or changing the head gaskets I would grately appreciate your help guys thx..

11-25-04, 10:22 AM
to check voltage while running, cut the cigarette lighter adapter plug and wire off an old accessory (or buy one at radio shack). Hook up your DVM to it and drive, noting the voltage reading. when the radio fades down, look at the voltmeter. if there is a drop to like below 11 volts, that might be the reason.

11-25-04, 12:21 PM
The '97 Deville has a tracion control disengage button in the glove box (not sure about the '98). If you have one, be sure it is not disengaged. That will lockout 1st gear and limit you to 2nd gear starts which may be the source of your "sluggish feel upon takeoff". If that's not the cause, pull the codes. You may have a wheel speed sensor code and may need to change a hub and bearing assembly as the sensor is integral to the assembly.

11-25-04, 04:13 PM
since my car has an OBD II I pulled the following codes p1571-traction control torque request circuit--c1277-requested torque signal circuit malfunction--c1233-right front wheel speed circuit open or shorted what does that mean

11-25-04, 06:52 PM
It means that the RF wheel speed sensor has bit the dust. Traction control cannot work without a speed sensor at each wheel so when one goes, the system is disabled, causing second gear starts. The sensor is integral with the hub & bearing assembly. Replace the hub & bearing assembly and you'll get T/C and 1st gear back. I'm guessing that C1233 caused P1571. Correct one and the other will not come back.

11-26-04, 12:31 AM
thx yea i checked the plug and it was cut i dont know why but it is. Im guessing thats probablly the problem. Another questionwere can I buy a bearing and hub assembly cheap and is it difficult to install my car wont turn right im guessing the rack and pinion is shot it turns to the right but as if it didnt have power stearing it has fluid and turning left is no problem also when I shift to drive the car makes a noise not very loud but it does make one my uncle said its probablly the transmission motor mount what do u think, When i first got the car both of the top motor mounts were shot how many more motor mounts are there and are they difficult to replace..i also changed the cv joint and within a month the boot was torn to shreads it seems as if the motor is shifting causing the cv joint to be positioned in the wrong place...ps were can i find cheap parts on the web with little or no shipping cost THX for all your help i really appreciate it

11-26-04, 02:55 PM
If you've changed a CV joint, then you know how to change a hub & bearing assembly as you had to go through it to get to the CV. http://rockauto.com has pretty good prices but any auto parts store should carry it (around $200).