: Anyone ever use Thermagasket on any Cadillac or Allante for a head gasket repair?

05-04-12, 01:16 PM
ok, I know this is almost blasphemous to even consider it, and any mechanic worth his salt will agree that there is no such thing as a "repair in a bottle" for our little babies, that said, has anyone here used thermosgasket for a head gasket repair and what were the results?

a couple of years ago I used one of these products for an a/c repair, every online forum, and every car guy I spoke with, and every a/c shop i consulted said when the freon12 a/c system starts leaking heavily, you're best bet it to just retrofit the 134A.. or use one of the controversial drop in replacements touted all over the internet.. well, here in urban southern california, nobody uses the "drop in " replacements, and freon 12 ( when you find a shop that will work with it) charges up to 200.00 a lb.. so I was faced with using a stop leak, or rebuilding the system, i figured if I'm gonna have to rebuild and replace very thing anyway, what have I got to loose? Anyway, I used a 40 dollar stop leak product over 2 years ago, with a freon 12 top off and the car has been ice cold ever since, so I'm intrigued to look at a head gasket repair product (thermagasket) as well, my car never over heated, just started blowing major steam out the tail pipe one after noon and lost about a half gallon of water in a few minutes of city driving.. no water in the oil though..and the temp never reached the red zone..

Anyway, the car is damn near perfect otherwise, looks amazing, and has had perfect maintenance it's entire life,
( annual cooling system drains, always use the cooling system tabs, break system flushes, rebuilt the engine 70k ago, new struts, tires, ABS components,etc, etc., etc. but now, if I have to have the 4100 rebuilt again, I might as well just sell the thing as parts ( it's an 88) or use it as a donor for my next Allante.

So, let me know if you've used thermo gasket, or know someone who has. it'll help me make a decision.

Thanks, 91157

05-08-12, 12:25 PM
It's a temporary band aid AT VERY BEST, and if the problem is pulled head bolt threads (<<<this pertaining mostly to owners of '93 Allantes) it's not even that. It is likely to clog coolant passages, heater cores and radiators, and it makes a mess inside the block and heads, time consuming to clean when you go to actually repair the problem.

05-08-12, 09:49 PM

has anyone here used thermosgasket for a head gasket repair and what were the results?

It HAS been used with negative results.