: Video. For those who want to see CNC machining in action.

05-02-12, 01:09 AM

This is machinng a drill stop for the stud kits. It's a relatively minor CNC machining process, the intricate stuff won't be shown at present time. Note the rapid tooling changes and the spindle RPM changes, all happens in a split second.

To machine our studs it takes 3/4 of a minute not including thread rolling. Precision is within .001 which is incredibly accurate. So you can imagine how quickly we will be able to stock the shelves with the new source of funding for materials and cutting / threading tools. (we are working with a GM dealership now in Ontario Canada).

The last HG repair done was completed in 17 hours flat with two employees, full bottom end re-seal and stud job, from running car back to a running car.

BEFORE any moderators choose to remove this post; call me. 204-216-0011 or email info@northstarperformance.com. Tomorrow another 18 hour HG job will be turned around.


As a side note; the O.D. drop from 1.00 inch is done simply because we purchase a large quantity of bar at a time, for drill stops it doesn't pay to buy material for that specific finished diameter.

05-02-12, 01:32 AM
Furthermore; here is an image of the thread quality of the new studs that we produce in-house.


The quality shown here is very difficult to achieve because accuracy of the machined blanks must maintain a maximum tolerance of .001". This is learned from experience with thread rolling. They're smooth as glass. One thou over and the stud will be too tight in the threaded hole. A thou or two under, the threads are not pointy anymore. And a pointy thread is what you want- that's the part of the stud that grips into your engine block. The better the thread, the more grip (thread engagement).

As timeliness improves at Northstar Performance and availability issues are solved; quality is maintained. Name the largest automotive fastener company. They will not care to the same extent that we do about tolerances. This is a special product that I developed specifically for the Northstar V8. This is why I take it seriously. This is why production HAD to be moved in-house. My customers deserve the best.

05-03-12, 02:47 PM

Good on ya! glad to see you getting the process fixed, and the high quality finished product. Best wishes on successfully winning back some of the business. As I've mentioned before, you might want to pic up a couple toyota engines that have similar problems and consider making studs for them also....much bigger market with all the rice burners!

Are you still pressing forward with the bottom end studs?

05-03-12, 03:13 PM
The links on your website for the youtube videos, & photos don't work - just get the '404 not found' error.


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89Falcon - thank you, I still have most of my customers because most of them are very loyal; as I have been and will be to them. 3 Toyota engines are already studded and that kit is almost finished too, should be on the market soon. The bottom end studs are really easy to make and machine, and yes, but not until my patent pending head studs are VERY well stocked. I'm going to NY tomorrow to have my law firm draw up new contracts to supply these shops that will ensure that I meet strict delivery and quality standards and that I get the rights to supply for "XX" quantity of time.

Yeah Eyewonder I'm working on that as I get time. I shouldn't have those links live yet until the pages are finished. Sorry 'bout that.

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Sweet Jake :thumbsup: Knock 'em dead!

05-04-12, 10:10 PM
Thanks CadillacLuke, your support means a lot. I just got back from New York to the Ontario shop. Had a long meeting with the law firm, one of their paralegals is going to finalize the contract and that will guarantee certain things between my company and the repair shops that I supply, including special advertising, exclusivity, etc. You can bet something else was discussed on how to handle the most recent little thorn in my side.

I won't discuss the fine details until they're finalized but this is going to take things to the next level. We covered a lot of business grounds today; tomorrow it's time to finish a Caddy and then back to the shop on Sunday. The ultimate result that is supposed to come from all of this; is a proper, bulletproof repair, delivered in a timely fashion for Northstar owners with a warranty second to none. My patent agent took me out for a delicious meal before I left The Empire State..... Fuel prices are still at $3.95/Gallon. Sure beats the $4.83/gallon in Ontario ($1.28/liter).

It's amazing. For the past 6 months I've been trying to run in quicksand....now that my feet are touching solid ground again, things sure seem to be turning around quickly. To date; in legal fees, equipment costs (including the CNC) tooling, stock, set-up, etc....., I've invested about $63,700 into the stud kit venture alone. And one hell of a lot of time. This has all been done without any financial help from banks. The funding source has been pretty much pure sweat and blood wrenching under the hood of a Cadillac doing HG repairs, even through the nights quite often. 26 hour shifts, straight without sleep.

Some people can hope, but I'm not giving up now. Too far in for that.