: Looking for some help with driver side seat.

04-30-12, 10:56 PM
Hi all,

I am new to this XLR site and I love it. We have had our 2004 XLR since 2006. I have learned so much about our XLR since I found this site.

A couple of years ago we sent our car to the dealer to fix the seat heater, it works great now. However, the tech broke the bracket off of the seat cover (lower plastic cover with the seat controls on it) I need to know what this iscalled and where I can find another one at a reasonable cost?

Thank you

05-01-12, 04:07 PM
If it was broken by the dealership's Tech . . . . . ?

You can buy it for what the dealer pays at gmpartsdirect:

Go to the catalog and enter your car specs.

Navigate to Body Hardware/Seats & Tracks/Front Seat Components/Outer Cover. Specify Left/Right & Ebony/Shale. $21.74

--You need to pull the seat to replace the cover.

If in doubt: Photograph every step to aid in re-installation.

1) Slide the seat all the way back.
2) Remove the plastic shoes covering the front pair of retaining nuts.
3) Slide the seat at the way forward.
4) Remove the two rear retaining nuts.
5) Lift the seat slightly and tip the seat forward. It's easier if you put a block under the two seat feet to keep it elevated.
6) There are a couple of connectors underneath that need to be disconnected. Some have plastic blue keepers and plastic locking bales that rotate to separate the two halves.
7) (And this is the most important part) Cover the sill plate with a heavy-duty cloth or risk gouging the plastic with the seat feet as you pull the seat out. It's heavier than it looks and very unwieldy. Don't grab anywhere near your already broken cover. You don't want it to break more and risk damaging the switches.
8) Place the seat on a sheet of cardboard or another drop cloth with the seat bottom exposed.
9) Remove whatever remaining screws are retaining the cover, and the screws securing the switches.
10) Place the switches in the new cover and work backwards from #7.
11) Kick back and savor a few cold beers. You just saved enough money to more than pay for them.