View Full Version : Exhaust tips for V Wagon??

04-30-12, 10:53 PM
Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with those horribly boring exhaust tips that come on the V Wagon? Just got mine home today and that's the one eyesore that I want to deal with visually. Has anyone swapped them out for the good looking tips on the sedan? Are there any known problems or issues, or can a good exhaust shop do this? I'd also like to know where a good place to source the sedan tips would be if I decide to go that route...

05-01-12, 11:38 AM
If you find the stainless steel tips you like, take them to a good stainless steel metal fabrication shop. I own a shop that does just that (custom metal fabrication). Ask them if they do things like fabricate custom stainless steel countertops or carts and cabinets. If so, then you have found a shop that can tig weld on your tips, and do a good job with them. You will pay good $$$, but it will be better than the monkey at the exhaust shop and it will look good.

That being said, if the tips are welded where they can't be seen, any monkey can do it for less money.

05-09-12, 07:19 PM
Take a look a my pics. 2012 Vagon with Magna Flow 3" Tips. Just had the muffler shop cut the old tips from the factory off and put these on. The wagon has smaller cut out in bumper so you have to use 3" not 4". If your going to change exhaust try Stainless Works You can get a full from the cats back for around $920.00 3" all the way back with slash cut tips. Check out their website and you can hear it on the wagon. Good luck