: Freeeeeddoooommm!

04-30-12, 08:04 PM
Bought my V a week ago and did my first mod today....CAGS eliminator,lol.

I bought a single seat, seat cover on Saturday by Dickies. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dickies-Seat-Cover-Protector-Black/20612102

My wife does embroidery as a side business. She is going to re-engineer the left side of the seat cover to accommodate the strange attached seat belt design our cars have. She is then going to embroider the "v" badge on the seat cover.

The seat is made of canvas. I will post pics when it is done. Is anybody interested in something like this? My wife's machine can embroider anything to it.

04-30-12, 09:44 PM
A seat cover in a Cadillac?

04-30-12, 09:58 PM
I'm not a fan of a seat cover... at all

But I tell you what... I'd be more interested in a headrest cover with embroided V, so I could cover my TVs up when they aren't being used.

04-30-12, 10:01 PM
Not for full time. When you are turning a wrench on the car or some long mundane driving. Less wear and tear on the leather and suede.


Headrest cover would be a piece of cake for my wife.

04-30-12, 11:08 PM
As long as it will be in the realm of affordability (ie $50 for set of 2 headrest covers), then I'd def. be interested.

05-01-12, 01:57 AM
It's too late for my driver's seat...already destroyed by the Texas sun.

05-01-12, 06:45 AM
Probably be $30 to $40 for the two headrest covers with custom embroidery. She already has the "v" symbol digitized but she can do anything you want. What material do you want your headrest cover made of?


It's too late for my driver's seat...already destroyed by the Texas sun.

I am in Houston. What part of Texas are you in?