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Up for sale is my MOST prized possession, and the car I've put the most money and time into in my entire life. This 2006 Cadillac STS-V is a nationally publicized show car, featured in an upcoming iForged TV and Magazine Ad, as well as winner of numerous car shows and awards. With 573 HP and 580 Torque, this Supercar is for someone looking for more power than a 2009-2012 CTS-V Automatic, with all the extra space and features of the much larger STS-V.

This car is immaculate. There are zero issues with it. It has been a garage kept car its entire life, never driven in inclement weather since off the showroom floor. I purchased the vehicle off of a close family friend that fell on hard times. The car has never seen rain, snow, or salt. The underbody is the cleanest you will ever see. There is zero oxidation or rust anywhere on the underside of the car. The interior has ZERO problems. No cracks, rips, scratches, stains, etc. This really is a show car. The only reason I am selling it is because I feel I have completed this car to my standards, doing about as much as you possibly can to it while remaining 100% safe and long trip street worthy. It is time for a new project, so I must move on.

This STS-V has had nothing but AMSOIL 0W30 Signature Oil since new, every oil change. The car was taken into the Cadillac dealership anytime there ever was an issue prior to me owning it, and I have had not a single problem in the last 2 years.

This STS-V is fully loaded with ALL the options – two tone leather and suede heated 12 way power lumbar seats, one touch power moon roof, Navigation Dvd system, 12 speaker BOSE, heated rear seats, rainsense wipers, backup sensors, push button start, factory remote start, keyless entry, etc.

Now some info about the car and its modifications:

For the appearance, I have done the following TASTEFUL modifications:

20" iForged Legacy V2 Concave Wheels - Anthracite Center w/ Chrome Lip – Bridgestone ExtremeContact DW 275/30/20
- Purchased these wheels for $5,000 January of this year, as well as $1600 for the tires. These are special order custom sized 20x10.5” in the rear and 20x9 in the front. Brand new OEM Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors are installed and 100% functional. These wheel and tires ride more comfortable than stock, and are quiet on any pavement. The wheels & tires have less than 500 miles on them.

10th Anniversary Cobra Red Painted Calipers w/ Brembo Stickers
- The factory Brembo brakes were to plain in silver with a V Logo on them. I had a paint shop professionally paint the calipers Cobra Red from the 10th Anniversary Cobras, and had them install high temperature Brembo Stickers that can easily be seen through the new wheels.

Brake Performance Zinc Black Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors w/ Hybrid Carbon Ceramic Pads
- The factory brakes stop the car, but fade easily. Adding new Cross Drilled & Slotted rotors stop this STS-V 15% faster than the OEM discs, and are Zinc Coated w/ black inserts for utmost appearance quality. The carbon ceramic pads create little to no dust, have zero noise, and stop the car on a dime.

D3 Designs Painted Roof Spoiler
- D3 Design provided this sleek looking OEM-Style painted roof spoiler to add some additional flare to the back window. It can be easily removed from the back glass at the buyers request, as it is held on with double sided tape.

2" Drop D3 Designs Lowering Kit
- After reviewing all the options for lowering the vehicle, D3 Designs B&G Sourced lowering springs give the vehicle the lowered stance it deserves, and removes any type of body roll from factory. They ride great, and did not affect the dynamics of the vehicle what so ever. A proper alignment was performed after the install, and previous tires never showed any type of improper wear.

White LED Interior/Exterior Conversion Kit
- The standard halogen bulbs in all interior lighting locations were replaced with high quality & output V-LEDs that make the interior of the vehicle look a million times better. All exterior bulbs received the same treatment, as displayed on all 2010+ Escalades.

Custom Made Clear Fog Light Housing Assembly
- Cadillac’s decision to use a fogged housing on the fog light and turn signal assembly is questionable at best, and there are no aftermarket options to make the assembly match the beautiful headlights. To solve this problem, the factory housing was baked apart, and a clear Lexan fiberglass installed in its place. The result is a stunning clear assembly that fits the headlights.

8K HID High Beams/ Low Beams ; 3k HID Fog Lights
- Using the factory projector housing, 8k temperature lighting provides ultimate brightness when combined with 3k Yellow Fog Lights for ultimate road brightness and appearance.

Chrome Amber Turn Signals
- Due to the fog light and turn signal housing being clear, chrome turn signal bulbs that illuminate amber when used as daytime running lights and turn signals looks stunning, providing a nice clean look to match the rest of the vehicle.

White LED Heater A/C Controls
- The factory orange heater A/C control lighting found on every STS and V-Series did not match the white appearance of the navigation system and buttons. To solve this problem, the factory heater a/c control unit was sent out, and replaced with white LEDs. The result is a stunning showcase when lit that closely matches current day Cadillacs and their white LED displays.

VHT Niteshaded Reverse, Side, And marker Lights
- The factory white reverse lights, orange front, and red rear side markers looked out of place on an all black and chrome vehicle. They were tinted with VHT Niteshades, which gives a black appearance until lit, where 100% of the light is shown through.

2011 CTS-V Front Emblem
- The smaller factory STS-V front emblem was removed professionally, and upgraded to match the larger 2011 CTS-V front emblem. As you can see, it looks much better.

2011 CTS-V Suede Shifter
- The factory shift knob was upgraded with a new leather and suede shifter from a 2011 CTS-V.

8th Day Creations Gloss Black/Chrome V-Flag Emblems & Front Crest
- Gloss Black and Chrome emblems now cover the standard Blue, yellow, and red V-Series emblems and crest to better match the flowing colors of the car. Provides a unique visual appearance than the standard emblems, but are fully removable at the buyers request.

Front license plate mount holes filled & repainted
- The front plate on these vehicles obstruct the lower grille opening, and ugly holes detract from the beautiful design of the front bumper. Again, at the buyer request, license plate holes can be screwed into the previous holes.

Navigation Lockpick Installed
- This device has a switch mounted in the glove box to allow a front seat passenger to view a DVD while the car is in motion, or operate the navigation controls with the flick of a switch.

Intercooler Lid Painted VHT Wrinkle Red
- So spice up the engine bay with its chrome dual Y pipe intake, the intercooler lid was painted with high temp VHT wrinkle red. A surefire way to draw attention to this modified STS-V at any show.

Airbrushed V Logo on Front Mount Heat Exchanger
- The upgraded large front mount heat exchanger has a V-Series flag as shown in pictures airbrushed onto it, with a black border to make it stand out from the grille opening.

White LEDs Above Lower Grille Airbrushed Heat Exchanger
- Activated with a wireless remote, 4 pairs of white LEDS shine onto the custom airbrushed heat exchanger in the lower grille. Draws serious attention at night.

35% Tinted Glass, 50% tinted windshield
- Legal in all states, the tinted glass and windshield provide the interior of the vehicle with advanced sun screening, and add to the overall appearance of this STS-V.

The exterior of this STS-V draws attention and thumbs up every time it is driven. It is unlike any other Cadillac on the road, and has the power to back it looks. The body is in near flawless condition, with only a few small rock chips to note. The paint was always well taken care of, and there are no other visual defects.

The Performance Modifications are as follows:

ZZP/TimmyC Smaller 2.55" Upper Pulley (Additional 2.4” Pulley Included)
- The very first Smaller Upper Pulley to be designed for the STS-V, the factory snout was machined down and allowed a 5 hub mounting system to allow quick changes on torque and horsepower. I will include the smaller 2.4” pulley for those looking to hit the 600hp mark.

58lb OEM Resized Steigmeier Injectors
- The factory injectors were sent out to Steigmeier Porting Services to be sonic cleaned, balanced, resized, and flow matched to accept the larger draw on the fuel system. Supports up to 638 HP.

Full Stage 1 & 2 Spectre Intake
- Proven to be the highest flowing intake for the LC3 Supercharged Engine, this stage 1 & 2 intake allows the engine to breath and creates a ridiculous amount of blower whine combined with the ported blower.

160 Degree Thermostat
- Keeping the engine running at its optimum, the computer was tuned to run at 160 degrees, allowing for better engine cooling in any weather.

Magnaflow Dual Exhaust w/ Magnaflow Resonated X-Pipe
- For the absolute best sounding exhaust, I had tried Corsa, Gibson, Borla, and Magnaflow. This exhaust with the resonated X-Pipe provides a deep, low exhaust note and is extremely quite during cruising. When you get on the accelerator, it screams like a race car.

High Flow Catalytic Converters
- The converters are a major part of holding these engines from flowing properly. Without going to custom headers (which are illegal in most states,) high flow converters allow the exhaust to exit properly, and still are 50 state legal. Just passed Emissions Testing last week.

NGK TR6 Plugs
- One step colder plugs help battle the dynamics of running 15+ PSI of boost pressure. The NGK TR6s are commonly used on Cobra’s pushing up to 20 PSI with zero problems.

Upgraded Flex-A-Lite Heat Exchanger
- The factory heat exchanger is a joke, extremely thin, and holding less than a quart of fluid. The upgraded Flex-A-Lite heat exchanger has three times the capacity, and cools 65% more efficiently.

Frozenboost Front Mount Heat Exchanger
- Keeping the intercooler fluid cold is the key to having a safe running high horsepower engine. The larger front mount heat exchanger from Frozenboost provides over an additional gallon to the intercooler system, and is mounted in a location to get the maximum amount of cold air.

Jabsco Low Pressure Cyclon Centrifugal 29 GPM Intercooler Pump
- Due to the additional gallons of intercooler fluid, this pump allows liquid to flow through all parts of the intercooler system so fast that you can physically touch the intercooler lid after dyno runs.

Posi Performance Ported Throttle Body
- Increasing air flow to the engine from the larger intake is done by a MAX RACE PORT provided by Posi Performance.

Posi Performance Ported Intercooler Lid
- Allowing more liquid and air to flow through the intercooler brings temperatures down and allows more boost to be ran safely.

Posi Performance Ported Blower
- The largest factor in increasing the torque and horsepower curve from 2,200 RPMs up to and PAST redline was from the amazing Race Port provided by Posi Performance. The blower has inlet and outlet ported and matched to allow maximum boost to be pushed, and makes the supercharger scream. Power is available from the get go, and is extremely strong on the street.

Wait4Me Performance Engine & Transmission Dyno Tune
- Jesse at Wait4Me Performance is the genius that has tuned thousands of supercharged Cadillacs, and is the #1 expert in LC3 and LSA engines across the world. This STS-V was dyno tuned at his location once each year to insure the safest possible tune after all the modifications were properly installed.

Without a doubt, this is the most unique supercharged Cadillac STS-V you will come across. The interior has no squeaks, noises, or odd rattles. There is not a single problem with this car – it is as nice as driving a brand new car off the dealership floor. In January of this year, all the shocks and wheel bearings and hubs were replaced to insure the quietest most comfortable ride possible.

The 4.4L LC3 V8 Supercharged Northstar Engine runs great, with not a single odd noise or I’ve put over $13,000 in modifications and maintenance into this car (ALL receipts available,) and hate to see it leave. I welcome all test drives, and this car can be driven anywhere in the united states with no problems. I can pick up at Cleveland Hopkins International (CLE) airport, or I also can ship the car for around $500-$850 depending on your location if you should so want.

Blue book on this private party is $25,185. Retail value is $27,835. With the $6,000 new iForged wheels and tires with less than 100 miles on them and over $8,000 in upgrades, I think $28,000 (or best offer) is extremely fair. Feel free to contact me with any questions at 614-522-9626.

Here is a video of the blower whine and exhaust under different accelerations to give you a better feel of the power of this car:


Additional pictures can be found HERE:


Heres a few samples:


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I have some questions about the leds that light up the heater controls, where did you send that and how long did that take?